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My passion for photography began in the eighties.


I was given a Pentax 35mm film camera (the equivalent of today’s digital point and shoot camera) when I was about fourteen years old, and I quickly became obsessed with photography. Using a viewfinder to frame a scene and pressing the shutter button to capture a memory was so rewarding for me, and I’ve considered photography a true form of artistic expression ever since.


In the nearly four decades of my photography journey, I have traveled extensively in the United States, Europe, and Brazil, taking countless photos of places I would return to many times and of places I may never be again. Through these photos, I reflect on the great travel memories I have amassed. I document my travels with photos and videos to this day.


In the mid-nineties, I began taking my 35mm camera to concert venues in my hometown of San Diego, CA. This started when I asked a then-unsigned band from Huntington Beach, CA called Korn if I could take photos of their live performances. The band was very welcoming, and it became a regular thing for me to photograph them whenever they performed in San Diego and other Southern California cities. Korn skyrocketed to become a global titan of Heavy Metal music and my relationship with the band became lost in the fast pace of their success.


I avidly continued with my photography for the next two decades, focusing my efforts on landscapes and travel photos. During this time, I began using digital cameras and had taken a liking to Sony's mirror - less camera technology. 


In 2014, I once again began to photograph live performers. While traveling in Norway that year, I photographed one of Wardruna’s early performances at an astounding outdoor location near the quaint fjord side town of Flåm. After photographing Wardruna a couple more times around Norway, I knew I was hooked on live performance photography. I have since photographed some of the biggest names in Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Industrial and Electronica at some of Seattle’s most iconic performance venues.  I was excited and honored to photograph Wardrunda once again in 2022 at The Moore Theatre in Seattle.

Some of my recent concert photos have been published in music magazines and websites.


In 2016, I moved to Finland, working in seasonal tourism in the Lapland region until 2019.  My first job in Finland was managing an Aurora cabin resort in the small town of Ivalo. Using my SONY A5000, I learned how to photograph the Aurora Borealis, a major tourist attraction from September through March. I would often take photos of guests with the Aurora Borealis.

The following season I moved to Rovaniemi, Finland to work as a Northern Lights photography guide. I continued to hone my skills as a night photographer, and the photos I shot of guests were often purchased after the tour.

It was at this stage in my photography journey that I knew my niche was in nighttime and low-light photography. I am still passionate about this – I visit Alaska and shoot the Northern Lights several times each Aurora season.


Since moving back to the states in 2019, I have expanded my portfolio to include business and lifestyle portraits, professional head shots, artist promotional photos, automobile, and fine art astro photography.


Prints can be ordered through the SHOP page here on my site.


I am available for location shoots and tour coverage.

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